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3drus » 3D графика » Плагины 3D » Sitni Sati FumeFX 2.1c R2012 for 3ds Max 2012

» Sitni Sati FumeFX 2.1c R2012 for 3ds Max 2012
3D графика » Плагины 3D
Sitni Sati FumeFX 2.1c R2012 for 3ds Max 2012

Sitni Sati FumeFX - плагин для 3ds Max, предназначенный для моделирования и рендеринга реалистичных огня, дыма, взрыва и различных

газообразных явлений. Гибкие настройки для управления эффектами, надежность и интуитивно понятный пользовательский интерфейс делает FumeFX

идеальным решением для наиболее требовательных задач в индустрии компьютерной графики. Почти каждый аспект моделирования можно настроить через

скрипты 3ds Max, что позволяет пользователю вмешиваться в вычисления моделирования на самом низком уровне.

Sitni Sati FumeFX is a fluid dynamics engine designed for simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosion and other gaseous

phenomena. It's versatility, robustness and intuitive workflow makes it a perfect solution for the most demanding tasks in the computer

graphics industry. Almost every aspect of simulation can be customized through 3ds max scripting, allowing user to interfere with simulation

computation at the lowest level.

This groundbreaking plug-in has already been production proven in titles such as Superman Returns and The Host (Gwoemul). And now, FumeFX is

released through Turbo Squid as part of the exclusive Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in Program.

New features that have been added for FumeFX are focused on minimizing project turnaround times and providing the ability to add more detail

to the simulations - quickly and memory efficiently.

Project turnaround times can be significantly reduced when there is a need to fine tune final simulation playback speed. Until now, this was

only possible by running the whole simulation again with different time scale parameter. That approach has a number of drawbacks, most

importantly - it is very time consuming and always results with a different fluid flow. Out proprietary Retimer algorithm operates on existing

cache files to re-create missing frames. Retiming process is fast and more importantly, it preserves exactly the same flow as in original


Wavelet Turbulence algorithm is well known to the CG industry for some time and FumeFX 2.0 utilizes it to create additional detail on low

detail simulations. In contrast to existing Fluid Mapping code, Wavelet Turbulence scales up the grid and adds detail that is not distorted

over the time domain. Computation is fast and has lower memory demands compared to the simulation using same grid spacing.

FumeFX already has been production proven in titles such as 2012, Spiderman 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Superman Returns, Iron Man, The Host

(Gwoemul) and various games cinematics such as Warhammer Online, Classic Transformers, Dante's Inferno and others.

Key Features
- Production proven results demonstrate this technology's ability to achieve realistic smoke and fire effects for cutting-edge industry

- FumeFX supplements the user's artistic vision with the power of real-world physics for the ultimate in both style and realism.
- A multitude of parameters and FumeFX helpers give users maximum control of the fluid's behavior and appearance.
- Easy to use, basic effects can be created with just a few clicks.
- Options include the use of powerful AFC and Gradient controls, which are unified through all Sitni Sati products.
- Plug-in design incorporates extensive support for Particle Flow and Thinking Particles.
- Dynamic simulations allow for bi-directional influence between FumeFX and particle systems.
- Advanced scripting via MAXScript is possible with almost every aspect of FumeFX, including access to all simulation data.
- FumeFX is capable of dynamic interaction with other scene objects.
- For those technical artists who want to write their own shaders, a standalone rendering library is avilable for Windows and Linux, both 32

and 64 bit versions.

- Start simulations from scratch or by using other simulation results as a starting point.
- Stop, pause and continue simulations at any point.
- Simulation is multithreaded - users can select how many CPU's to dedicate to their simulation.
- Users can watch the simulation progress in the interactive Preview Window.
- Draft simulations can be created in mere minutes for fast previewing.
- User has control of which data is written to output files for rendering and further processing.
- Wavelet Turbulence algorithm quickly adds extra detail to low resolution simulation caches while preserving the existing overall motion.
- Retimer is a very efficient and fast method to slow down or speed up caches without the need to re-run simulation.
- Post Processing module can significantly reduce cache size by optimizing grid size around smoke/fire. It also allows users to decide which

channels will be excluded from the final caches.

- mental ray for 3ds Max renderer support - available for both Windows and Linux.
- The Preview Window gives users almost instant feedback on render settings.
- Fast self-shadowing is produced through an Illumination Map which is integrated inside of the FumeFX object.
- A highly efficient Multiple Scattering model enhances light dispersion throughout fluid.
- Fluid Mapping integrates procedural map details with fluid motion.
- The dynamic FusionWorks atmospheric renderer provides:
- Render Elements: Fire, Smoke, Velocity
- Proper blending with AfterBurn and ScatterVL Pro.
- Balanced mixing of FumeFX and compatible atmospherics with 3ds Max Fog
- Ability to apply Image Motion Blur
- Option to affect Effect Channel
- Z depth

New in FumeFX v2.1
- FumeFX now supports fully interactive simulations. This means that user can change almost every parameter during the simulation and see it's

influence on the simulation result. It is even possible to change channels that will be saved to the output file, or to move objects and

change their parameters.
- Version 2.1 introduces Variable Density solver that uses smoke density and temperature as variables. The result of this addition is

increased physical realism, where cold air and dense smoke will have stronger inertia compared to the hot air and lower density smoke.
- New is also the CFL condition parameter that directly controls the number of simulation steps. This is the value that defines the maximum

distance allowed for any cell data (velocity, smoke, fire, etc..) to travel in one simulation step. If velocities are bigger then defined by

this condition, simulation sub steps will be initiated.
- New Advanced advection scheme that reduces dissipation.
- Default simulation uses all cores during the Wavelet Turbulence calculations, which results in significant speedup.
- finalRender 3.5 Global Iiiumination is now up to 6x faster !
- Preview Window now prints out 3ds max frame number.
- Added ability to stop/continue Retimer.
- Various bug fixes from eariler versions.

| DF | 13.5 | MB |

Download from depositfiles: скачать с depositfiles.com
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